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Swindon Martial Arts

The Original Home of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, and K-1 Kickboxing, established in 2005.

About The Club

Swindon Martial Arts is a family run club, not a franchise, with over 38 years of Martial Arts knowledge and 18 years of teaching experience.

Swindon Martial Arts originally started in 2005 to supplement the founder Ashley Eaglestone's martial arts training, it has grown in to one of Swindon's established and original martials arts clubs.

Swindon Martial Arts was the first club to bring professional Muay Thai and Filipino Boxing, known as Panantukan, to Swindon. Ashley was also one of Swindon's first Kettlebell instructors and definitely held Swindon's first Kettlebell class back in 2007, which has also been implemented with other fitness equipment into the martial arts fitness training. 

Swindon Martial Arts is still growing from strength to strength and we have an open-door policy, welcoming everyone with open arms who wishes to train in martial arts and fitness.

"Martial Arts is an ever lasting journey where you are always learning from Masters to beginner students. As long as I keep learning I will always keep teaching with an open mind and an open heart. I class it as an honour and priviledge to be a teacher to the young and old". Guru Ashley

What we teach



Muay Thai is an essential part of Thai culture right from its dawn and in Thailand - it is known as the sport of Kings. Muay Thai is a martial art over 2000 years old and began as a close combat battlefield fighting skill. The eight basic tools of Muay Thai are: fists, elbows, knees, and legs.



In our Muay Thai we have added a new element, Muay Boran.
Muay Boran is the umbrlella term for all of the various ancient unarmed techniques and regional styles originally designed for warfare in Siam. Muay Boran is a modern term for these warrior arts and means ancient or traditional.
In our classes, we look at the fifteen Mae Mai fundamental mother techniques and the fifteen Mae Look complementary techniques. Within these thirty techniques is the universal principles of ancient Siamese unarmed combat.
In Muay Thai, there are eight natural weapons. in fact it is known as the art of the eight limbs. Two legs (mostly used in the shins), two knees, two hands and the two elbows.
In Muay Boran, there are nine weapons, the head is used as well.
Burmese boxing or Lethewei is also renowned for using the head as a devasting weapon and is known as the art of the nine limbs.



K-1 was started in 1993-1994 by Kazuyoshi Ishii and is a stand-up based combat sport competition amalgamating Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Kickboxing and other stand-up based martial arts, thus making K-1 a unique competitive sport with a modern and traditional background.

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