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The ultimate full body workout for men and women


Train with one of Swindon's original kettlebell instructors

Ashley Eaglestone, one of the original Kettlebell Instructors in Swindon who opened the first kettlebell class back in 2007, has re-opened a new Kettlebells and Fitness class. 

YMCA Level Two Gym Instructor
YMCA Level Two Fitness Instructor
YMCA Instructing Suspended Movement Training
London Kettlebell Certification
Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
Performance Boxing for Fitness Professionals
T2 Fitness Certificate in Kettlebells
T2 Bootcamp Certification


Why Kettlebells

There is no single piece of equipment, in my opinion, that can match the kettlebell for keeping humans fit and healthy. It is literally a gym in the palm of your hand.

Kettlebells are a functional resistance training tool that can:
- Build all round body strength
- Increase grip strength
- Promote muscle hypertrophy and build lean muscle mass
- Increase stamina
- Improve cardio
- Improve speed
- Improve flexibility

Studies have also found that kettlebell training reduces pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back.

These are just a few of the benefits of using the kettlebell.


Short history

No single nation can lay claim to inventing kettlebells as kettlebells have such a long history. However, the old Soviet Union have certainly left their mark on their popularity and training uses, especially in Russian athletics and the use in the Russian military. In Russia, they have kettlebells competitions, the kettlebell competitor is called girevoy and the kettlebells are weighed in poods. A pood is 16.38 kilograms or 36.11 pounds.


Exercise equipment

As well as using kettlebells you will be using various other pieces of equipment, such as slamballs, resistance bands, skipping ropes and various other pieces of kit, to get you into shape, build muscle stamina, strength and fitness.


'Primal Motion' bodyweight exercises

In the lesson you will also be doing bodyweight exercises such as jumping jacks to press ups, to the not so well known exercise which I call Primal Motion.

Primal Motion builds strength and stamina in the body and the joints. They are static poses and animal movements to give you unique fitness.

Everything we do from dance to martial arts is based on movement, and movement is key to every motion.


What should I wear

T-shirt or vest, shorts or leggings.  Trainers are ok but Parkour or water shoes are really good.

Class times and venue


Mondays at 7pm


Liden Community Centre, Barrington Close, Swindon, SN3 6HF

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07903 147430


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