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Guru Ashley Eaglestone

Guru Ashley Eaglestone has been training in martial arts for over 38 years. Ashley & Instructor Mike George were the first fully qualified Muay Thai instructors in Swindon.

Ashley still continues to train in various martial arts and self defence disciplines.


Guru Ashley

Martial Arts qualifications
10th Khan Instructor Muay Thai
Kru Muay Boran
5th Dan Black Belt K-1 Kickboxing
Panantukan Level Two Instructor
Sila Instructor
Jeet Kune Do Instructor
1st Dan Freestyle Ju-Jitsu
1st Dan Black Belt Cobra Freestyle
Cobra Self Defence
Combat Clinchwork Self Defence Instructor
Former National Champion in the GTI and TAGB Tae Kwon Do
Fight experience mat and ring

Boxing qualifications
England Boxing Level 1 Coach
GB National Boxing Tutor

Fitness qualifications
ViPR Level One Loaded movement Training
ViPR Level Two Loaded movement Training
ViPR Active Aging Loaded movement Training
Ankorr Harness Level One Trainer
Level 2 YMCA Gym Instructor
Level 2 YMCA Fitness Instructor
Level 2 YMCA Body Weight Suspension Training
Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
London Kettlebells Certified
T2 Kettlebells Instructor
T2 Bootcamp instructor
Performance Boxing Instructor
CRB checked, Safeguard and First Aid
38 years Martial Arts experience

Instructor Mike George

2nd Dan Black Belt K-1 Kickboxing
Green Belt Bu-Jitsu
Fight experience ring
Door supervision

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