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All Boxing & Power Fitness

Ultimate workouts for Martial Arts & Combat Sports

About The Club During Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, training will not be the same for the near future.
Here at SMA we have had to look at our training with fresh eyes.
With the social distancing rules and sanitising regime in mind, we have had no choice but to improvise, adapt and overcome if we are to continue our day to day lessons.
Using the knowledge I have gained over the many years of training and studying at the SMA club, I have designed a new generic program for everyone. From Kickboxers, Thai
Boxers to Martial Artists, it will not matter that you are a beginner, hardened professional or someone who wants to become fit or lose weight.
The All Boxing and Power Fitness program is a punch-bag and fitness lesson that uses
ultimate strikes on the bag and functional equipment such as sandbags, kettlebells,
slam-balls to barbells in a high intensity interval training skill set session.
Everyone gets their own personal equipment to use, which will not be used by anyone else but you during the lesson.
(We hope to incorporate pad work into these lessons at some point).
*What you will need to wear: T-shirts/vests, shorts/leggings and trainers and your own
gloves if you have got them (we can provide you with gloves for the lesson).
*Please bring a drink with you.
*Don’t forget your inhaler if needed.
I have many accolades so be assured you are in safe hands.
(Please go to Instructor page for further info).

What we teach



Muay Thai is an essential part of Thai culture right from its dawn and in Thailand - it is known as the sport of Kings. Muay Thai is a martial art over 2000 years old and began as a close combat battlefield fighting skill. The eight basic tools of Muay Thai are: fists, elbows, knees, and legs.



K-1 was started in 1993-1994 by Kazuyoshi Ishii and is a stand-up based combat sport competition amalgamating Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Kickboxing and other stand-up based martial arts, thus making K-1 a unique competitive sport with a modern and traditional background.



Sport Boxing is aimed and focused on upper body training of existing Kickboxers, Thai Boxers or Martial Artists in order to enhance hand speed and skills. Light sparring with full protective equipment is permitted.
Competitions, tournaments and full contact sparring is not allowed.

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