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Welcome to Swindon's Premier Martial Arts School for Adults and Children

We teach Thai Boxing, K-1 Kickboxing and for self defence we teach Filipino Boxing.
You will build confidence, keep fit, become more flexible and self aware.

About The Club

We are a friendly gym welcoming both men and women of all ages and all abilities. You can train as little as once a week or as often as five times a week.

At the school we also offer a dedicated class for children.

At a more competitive level we also offer advanced sparring.

We train with passion, commitment and an open mind...

What We Teach



Muay Thai is an essential part of Thai culture right from its dawn and in Thailand - it is known as the sport of Kings. Muay Thai is a martial art over 2000 years old and began as a close combat battlefield fighting skill. The eight basic tools of Muay Thai are: fists, elbows, knees, and legs.



K-1 was started in 1993-1994 by Kazuyoshi Ishii and is a stand-up based combat sport competition amalgamating Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Kickboxing and other stand-up based martial arts, thus making K-1 a unique competitive sport with a modern and traditional background.



Filipino Boxing, also known as Dirty Boxing or Panantukan, is a self defence fighting art, not a combat sport. Filipino Boxing has been picked up by movie makers and can be seen in films such as; 'Bourne Identity' films with Matt Damon, 'The Hunted' with Tommy Lee Jones and 'The Chronicles of Riddick' with Vin Diesel.


Events and Seminars

We run regular events with world-respected martial arts instructors, including Sandy Holt, Arjarn Tony Moore and Arjarn Bob Spour.

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